What to Eat at Chipotle on Keto: Top Low-Carb Picks(2024)

What to Eat at Chipotle on Keto: Top Low-Carb Picks(2024)

What to Eat at Chipotle on Keto: Top Low-Carb Picks(2024)

At Chipotle on keto diet, opt for a salad bowl with meat, cheese, guacamole, and salsa. Avoid rice, beans, and tortillas to stay low-carb.

Embracing the keto lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favorite fast-casual spots like Chipotle. With its customizable menu, Chipotle offers several options that can fit within a ketogenic diet’s macros. By focusing on fresh, high-fat ingredients and steering clear of starchy additions, you can concoct a delicious meal that aligns with your health goals.

Savor the flavors of Mexican cuisine without guilt by making smart swaps at the counter. Remember to keep it simple with non-starchy veggies and full-fat dressings to round out your nutrient intake while adhering to the low-carb, high-fat principles of your dietary regimen.

What to Eat at Chipotle on Keto: Top Low-Carb Picks(2024)

Navigating Chipotle’s Menu

Going keto doesn’t mean giving up on Chipotle’s flavorful options. This popular Mexican grill offers a variety of low-carb choices that cater to the ketogenic diet. Let’s dive into the delicious possibilities that keep your carbs in check while allowing you to savor the Chipotle experience.

Choosing Keto-friendly Options

The key to a satisfying keto meal at Chipotle is knowing which bases, proteins, and toppings to pick. Aim for high-fat, low-carb ingredients to fuel your body the keto way. Here’s your guide:

  • Bases: Skip the rice and beans. Opt for a salad base with crisp lettuce.
  • Proteins: Choose from steak, chicken, barbacoa, or carnitas. All are rich in protein and fat with minimal carbs.
  • Toppings: Add guacamole for healthy fats. Cheese and sour cream are also keto-approved. Sprinkle with fresh cilantro for that signature Chipotle taste.
  • Salsas: Be mindful of the carb content. Tomato-based salsas have more carbs than you might think!
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Key Ingredients To Avoid

Selecting the right ingredients is half the battle. Steer clear of these high-carb culprits to maintain ketosis:

Ingredient Reason to Avoid
Tortillas (Burritos, Tacos) Packed with carbs, they’re a no-go on keto.
Rice (White or Brown) High in carbohydrates, rice can derail your diet.
Beans (Black or Pinto) Legumes contain carbs that add up quickly.
Corn It’s sweet for a reason—corn is a carb-heavy vegetable.
Tortilla Chips Crispy and tempting, but full of carbs.

By choosing wisely and avoiding these ingredients, you can enjoy a great meal at Chipotle without sacrificing your keto goals.

Building Your Keto Bowl

Welcome to the ultimate guide on crafting the perfect Chipotle Keto Bowl! Chipotle offers an array of fresh ingredients catering to the ketogenic lifestyle. Enjoy deliciousness with every bite while keeping carbs at bay. Let’s build your Keto Bowl with mouth-watering layers that satisfy cravings and fuel your dietary goals.

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Opting For The Right Base

Choosing the base is the first step in creating a Keto-friendly bowl. Skip the high-carb rice and beans. Opt for fresh lettuce instead. This gives your meal volume without the unwanted carbs. It sets a crisp, refreshing foundation for your keto feast.

Selecting High-fat Toppings

High-fat toppings are key to nailing the keto diet at Chipotle. They add flavor and healthy fats for energy. Include these toppings in your bowl:

  • Guacamole – Rich in heart-healthy fats and fiber.
  • Sour Cream – Creamy goodness that’s low in carbs.
  • Cheese – A keto staple for calcium and fat.

These toppings help maintain ketosis while delivering delicious taste and texture.

Proteins That Fit The Keto Bill

A satisfying keto meal isn’t complete without protein. Chipotle offers a range of meats that are both tasty and keto-friendly. Consider these options:

Protein Choice Carb Count
Chicken 0g
Steak 1g
Barbacoa 2g
Carnitas 0g

These protein-packed choices are not only delicious but also perfect for keeping carbs minimal.

What to Eat at Chipotle on Keto: Top Low-Carb Picks(2024)

Salad Hacks For Keto Dieters

Embarking on a keto journey doesn’t mean missing out on Chipotle’s flavorful options. With some clever tweaks, a Chipotle salad can be a keto dieter’s best friend. Here are some salad hacks to keep it low-carb without sacrificing taste.

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Leafy Greens As A Staple

Chipotle’s salad base offers a variety of leafy greens perfect for a keto diet. Fill your bowl with these nutrient-dense options:

  • Romaine lettuce for a crisp, refreshing crunch.
  • Baby spinach for an iron-packed punch.
  • Mixed field greens for a diverse flavor profile.
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Starting with a solid foundation of greens ensures a low-carb yet satisfying meal.

Dressing Choices To Stay Low-carb

Dressings can be a hidden source of carbs. Here’s a guide to help you choose wisely:

Dressing Net Carbs (approx.) Size
Chipotle Vinaigrette 18g 2 tablespoons
Red Salsa 1g 2 tablespoons
Green Salsa 1g 2 tablespoons
Hot Salsa 1g 2 tablespoons
Sour Cream 2g 2 tablespoons
Cheese 1g 2 tablespoons
Guacamole 2g 2 tablespoons

Opt for salsas and guacamole to add bold flavors without the extra carbs. If you’re craving creaminess, a dollop of sour cream adds richness with minimal carbs.

Customizing Keto-friendly Tacos

On a keto diet but craving tacos at Chipotle? No problem! You don’t have to miss out on the zesty and savory flavors you love. With the right selections, you can customize tacos that fit your keto lifestyle perfectly. It’s all in the choices of shells and fillings. Let’s break down the keto-friendly taco options that will keep you in ketosis and satisfied.

Low-carb Shell Alternatives

Saying goodbye to traditional tortillas is a must on keto. But Chipotle offers lettuce wraps that make a great taco shell alternative. These wraps provide that necessary crunch without the carbs.

  • Lettuce Wraps: A crisp and refreshing swap for regular taco shells, keeping your meal low in carbs.

Taco Fillings That Cut The Carbs

Next, load up your taco with high-protein, high-fat ingredients that align with your keto goals.

Protein Options Cheese & Toppings Fresh Add-ons
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Steak
  • Barbacoa
  • Carnitas
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Monterey Jack Cheese
  • Sour Cream
  • Queso
  • Fajita Vegetables
  • Greens
  • Guacamole

Pick from the proteins, add cheese and toppings, then finish with fresh add-ons for flavor. This way, you keep carbs low and taste high for your custom keto tacos at Chipotle.


Chipotle’s Hidden Keto Gems

Embarking on a keto journey doesn’t mean bidding farewell to your Chipotle favorites. Discover Chipotle’s Hidden Keto Gems – delectable options that align with your carb-conscious lifestyle. We’ve scoured the menu to unearth sides and drinks that tick all the keto boxes.

Sides That Satisfy Keto Requirements

Keto eaters, rejoice! Chipotle has sides that are keto-friendly. Pack flavor, not carbs, into your meal with these expert picks:

  • Guacamole: A rich source of healthy fats and zesty flavor, adding it to any keto bowl amps up satisfaction.
  • Queso Blanco: Creamy and satisfying, this side boasts fats essential for keto without unnecessary carbs.
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Combine these sides with a custom keto bowl for the perfect Chipotle keto meal.

Drinks To Quench Your Thirst, Keto Style

Staying refreshed at Chipotle on keto is simple. Choose from:

  • Water: Always the best no-carb drink option.
  • Unsweet Tea: A crisp and invigorating zero-carb choice.
  • Diet Soda: Select varieties for a carb-free caffeine kick.

Sparkling water is another bubbly, guilt-free option for keto dieters. 

Meal Combos And Tips

Welcome to the sizzling world of Chipotle, where keto-friendly options are as plentiful as their famous guac! Determining which flavorful combination can keep you within the realm of ketosis may seem daunting. Yet, Chipotle offers a delightful array of choices that fit snugly into your low-carb lifestyle. Get ready to unwrap the secrets to a successful keto feast at Chipotle with these meal combos and tips.

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Examples Of Keto-friendly Chipotle Orders

Creating the perfect Chipotle keto meal is all about selecting the right ingredients. Say “hello” to satisfaction with these go-to meal combinations:

Base Protein Toppings Sauce
Romaine Lettuce Grilled Steak Monterey Jack Cheese, Green Salsa, Guacamole Fresh Tomato Salsa
No Rice/Beans Carnitas Fajita Vegetables, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream Red Chili Salsa
No base needed Grilled Chicken Queso Blanco, Hot Salsa, Lettuce None

Best Practices For Eating Keto At Chipotle

Stick to these simple tips for maintaining ketosis while enjoying Chipotle:

  • Skip the rice and beans – They are high in carbs.
  • Choose high-fat toppings – Avocado and cheese add flavor and fat.
  • Opt for greens as your base – Lettuce is your low-carb friend.
  • Pick proteins wisely – Grilled options keep carbs in check.
  • Be selective with salsas – Some are higher in sugars than others.
  • Watch portion sizes – A little goes a long way, particularly with dressings and salsas.
  • Avoid taco shells and tortillas – These carry unwanted carbs.
  • Customize your meal – Chipotle’s interactive menu allows you to control every ingredient.

Best Practices For Eating Keto At Chipotle

Frequently Asked Questions Of What To Eat At Chipotle On Keto

Can You Eat Keto At Chipotle?

Absolutely! Chipotle offers a variety of keto-friendly options. Choose from high-protein meats, salad bases, cheese, and guacamole. Avoid rice, beans, and tortillas to keep it low-carb.

What’s In A Chipotle Keto Bowl?

The Chipotle Keto Bowl features romaine lettuce, barbacoa or steak, red salsa, cheese, and guacamole. This combo caters to the keto diet, keeping carbs in check.

How Many Carbs In Chipotle Keto Options?

Typical Chipotle keto-friendly items contain fewer than 10 grams of net carbs. Exact counts vary, so skip rice, beans, and tortillas, and choose high-fiber toppings to stay keto.

Are Chipotle’s Salad Dressings Keto-friendly?

Chipotle’s vinaigrette contains sugar and clocks in at about 18 grams of carbs. For a keto diet, it’s best to stick with cheese, salsa, and guacamole as dressings.


Navigating Chipotle’s menu while on a keto diet doesn’t have to be tricky. Focus on high-protein, low-carb choices like burrito bowls sans rice and beans. Pile up on the guacamole, cheese, and lean meats. Remember, planning is key—stick to the basics and enjoy guilt-free, keto-friendly delights at Chipotle!

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